Areas of Expertise


For almost 30 years, I've had the pleasure of working with individuals, couples, and families in counseling. My services include cognitive behavioral therapy, marital and family therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, positive psychology, family systems therapy, strength-based therapy, and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Regardless of what intervention strategies are used during our counseling sessions, your spiritual beliefs are paramount and interwoven in every session. 


In addition to my focus on clinical counseling services, over the past 30 years I have also built my skills in the area of personal and professional coaching. As a certified John Maxwell Team coach and Executive Director, I offer services in individual coaching for personal development and business growth, communications training, leadership development, and team building. As a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach, I assist individuals and couples reduce their daily stress by teaching them simple ways to control finances and debt. 


As an expert in psychological testing, I offer a wide variety of detailed assessments to meet the needs of many situations. Some of those services include assessments for: educational placement, international adoptions, child custody matters, parenting skills assessment, pre-surgical evaluation, immigration hardship waiver assessments, competency to stand trial, sanity at the time of offense, violence risk assessment, and disability assessments.


Online Counseling

Is it hard for you to physically make it in for appointments for one reason or another? Do you live very far away from our offices? Do you feel too anxious to leave and be far from your home? Are recent pandemic issues or other health issues keeping you from going into a healthcare office? Perhaps tele-mental health or online counseling can be the answer for you.


For the past 10 years I have been offering tele-health or online counseling services to my clients. My goal is to allow my clients to work with me in the method that works best for them on that particular day. Perhaps you're having a crazy busy day with activities and it works better to do an online appointment versus come in. Perhaps because of recent pandemic issues or other illnesses you feel safer having your appointment online. For many of my clients whether it is a one-time assessment or ongoing counseling, meeting online is very convenient and effective.


I have taken several steps to ensure that your online counseling appointments with me are just as beneficial to you as meeting with me in person. First, a few years ago, I completed an intensive training program on the most effective methods for delivering tele-mental health services. Second, to ensure your privacy, your online appointments with me are encrypted from end to end. You will have a unique login for each of your online appointments so that only you can enter your appointments with me. Third, to ease your completion of paperwork, all of our documents are now digital, online, and encrypted. Fourth, we have partnered with our vendors to also offer online encrypted psychological testing to complete any needed assessments for our clients. 

My hope and prayers are that through the availability of online mental health counseling, no one will feel unable to get help because of where they live, busy lives, or because of medical issues. I look forward to meeting you - either online or in person. When we do, I will endeavor to treat you with all of the compassion and professional skills that God expects of me.

God Bless,



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