Child Custody Report Review

What do you do when the report is not in your favor?

You have gone through the long and stressful process of completing a child custody evaluation. Now, you have a very lengthy report in your hands which does not place you in the most favorable light. Possibly, the report indicates that the other parent should be the custodial parent. Or, that you should have little to no parenting time. This can become a very stressful and overwhelming time for you. However, your initial child custody report is not the end of this process for you. You have options. One of those options is to have an expert with over 20 years of experience in conducting child custody evaluations help to challenge that report. Dr. Lombard can review your report/case file and assist you and your attorney in challenging the findings in the report.

Dr. David Lombard has been involved with conducting and reviewing child custody evaluations for the past 20 years. As a forensic expert, Dr. Lombard’s extensive knowledge and experience in the child custody area can help you and your attorney to challenge the evaluator’s report. Dr. Lombard can assist your legal team in achieving the most optimal outcome for you and your children.

What is the process?

The first step in the process of conducting a review of your child custody evaluation is for Dr. Lombard to have a brief consultation with you and your attorney. Your attorney and you will be able to review the specifics of your case with Dr. Lombard. Then Dr. Lombard will be able to determine if his services are a good match for your particular situation.

It is important that you understand Dr. Lombard will still maintain his objectivity and professionalism when engaged in conducting this child custody evaluation review. In this way, Dr. Lombard will serve as an expert for your team, assisting you in the best manner possible as a forensic expert. Dr. Lombard will never make any statements that go beyond the data, the current clinical research, or his professional knowledge.

Once you and your attorney have decided to engage our services, Dr. Lombard will request that you and your attorney have the child custody report and entire child custody evaluation file forwarded to his office for review. At the same time, our office will also request you and your attorney write a document detailing all of the specific errors and/or concerns that you have with the current child custody evaluation. Dr. Lombard will then conduct a consultation appointment with you and your attorney to review all of your initial concerns prior to Dr. Lombard reviewing the case file. After that meeting, Dr. Lombard will proceed to review the case file and all collateral data supplied to him.

As Dr. Lombard reviews your child custody case file, he will be looking at the following issues:

  1. Did the child custody evaluation meet the American Psychological Association’s standards of practice for clinical interviews, observations, psychological testing and child custody evaluations?
  2. Were the clinical interviews completed in a standardized and consistent manner?
  3. Was there consistency in the clinical interviews conducted with the parents?
  4. Was a bio-psycho-social assessment completed on each parent, child, and significant other?
  5. Did the child custody evaluator use psychological testing that was valid for use in child custody evaluations?
  6. Was the psychological testing administered following proper standardized procedures?
  7. Was all psychological testing scored according to the testing maker’s protocols?
  8. Were child custody norms used when interpreting the psychological testing?
  9. Were the interpretations of the testing results consistent with the clinical literature supporting the validity of that psychological test?
  10. Did the child custody evaluator complete direct observations of the parents and children together?
  11. Were significant others included within the parent-child observation appointments?
  12. Was appropriate psychological testing given to the children and significant others?
  13. Was all collateral data reviewed and considered in the evaluation process?
  14. Are the report findings consistent with the clinical and research literature on child custody evaluations, healthy parenting, child development, child abuse, and other child custody related research?
  15. Was there any inherent, obvious, or subtle gender-based, race-based, or other bias in the child custody evaluation, results, or recommendations?
  16. Did the child custody evaluator's findings and recommendations directly flow from the objective clinical data obtained during the evaluation?
  17. Did the child custody evaluator properly review all collateral data and give that data appropriate weight in the final recommendations?
  18. Dr. Lombard will present a review of the significant objective clinical findings and offer all potential reasonable parenting time and child custody recommendations that are supported by the clinical research.
  19. Dr. Lombard will also cite the relevant clinical research that do not support the child custody evaluator’s report findings and recommendations.

After Dr. Lombard completes the case file review, he will prepare a detailed document giving over all of his findings and professional recommendations. That document will be forwarded to your attorney. After your attorney has time to review the document, Dr. Lombard will have a conference call with your attorney and you to review the findings and recommendations.

Child Custody Report Review Cost

Each case is very different. Therefore, the amount of time Dr. Lombard will need to review each case can vary dramatically. Dr. Lombard’s fee is $400 per hour to conduct these reviews. Our office requests a retainer of $4,000 prior to beginning the review process. If the process takes longer 10 hours, the balance that must be paid prior to Dr. Lombard completing a written report.

You and your attorney may want Dr. Lombard to continue to assist you after he issues his initial report. Dr. Lombard often continues to assist his clients and their attorney until the case has concluded. Dr. Lombard’s rate for those services are $400.

Questions? Are You Ready to Schedule Your Child Custody Evaluation?

To schedule your evaluation or speak to Dr. Lombard, please call our office at (260) 459-2900 or email us at [email protected]. When you call our office, we will need to know what attorney you are working with, what court your case is in, and the timeframe that your evaluation needs to be completed within. Dr. Lombard looks forward to working with you and your family.

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