Educational Evaluations for Advanced or Special Educational Placement

The educational needs of your children are vitally important. Our office understands that often a very busy school system may not properly identify your child’s unique educational needs. That is why Dr. Lombard offers comprehensive educational testing to assist with proper educational planning for your children.

The most common type of educational assessments that Dr. Lombard’s is consulted on is for placement in advanced education programs - sometimes called Alpha programs. You may have noticed that your child has a strong vocabulary, is skilled at mathematics, and performs well in the classroom. However, when the standardized testing was done at the school, your child did not perform to her or his abilities that day. That often happens because of situational/temporary reasons that do not reflect the honest cognitive abilities of your child. That is why Dr. Lombard offers cognitive abilities/intellectual functioning testing in a very relaxed family room setting at his Southwest office.

To ensure that your child has the best chance of properly displaying his or her intellectual abilities and cognitive function, Dr. Lombard assesses your child in a very family friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Lombard uses the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children to assess for both advanced educational placement and special educational needs. This test is very effective in identifying your child’s current cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This test can take over two hours to complete. Dr. Lombard takes frequent breaks with each child, every 20 minutes, to ensure that the data he obtains is an accurate reflection of your child’s current abilities.

In addition to the intellectual abilities testing, there are times when achievement testing is also necessary. Intellectual abilities testing is used to determine what your child is capable of doing. Whereas, achievement testing indicates what knowledge your child has currently been able to obtain. When administering achievement testing, Dr. Lombard chooses a test instrument this is most appropriate for the age of your child.

After completing the assessment process, we strive to return the reports to the parents within 3 to 5 days. When needed, Dr. Lombard’s is available for consultation with the parents and educational officials to ensure that your child’s unique needs are met.

The cost for completing the intellectual abilities testing alone is $800. The cost for completing the intellectual abilities testing and achievement testing together is $1500.

Are You Ready To Schedule Your Educational Evaluation?

To schedule your child’s educational evaluation with Dr. Lombard, please call our office at (260) 459-2900 or email us at [email protected]. When you call our office, we will do our best to schedule a time that works best for you and you child. Dr. Lombard looks forward to working with your child and you.

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