Fitness For Duty

Sometimes unexpected events happen, accidents happen, mental health issues arise, and you are unable to work for a time. It may have been a workplace related injury. It may have been a traumatic life event that went on in your life outside of work. Something occurred in your life which resulted in some significant emotional and/or behavioral changes in your life. Now it's time to determine whether or not you are prepared and ready to return to work. Over the past 25 years Dr. Lombard has been conducting fitness for duty and return to work assessments for people from all types of career fields. Our goal is to conduct a professional comprehensive assessment in a very comfortable and compassionate clinical setting.

What is a fitness for duty or return to work assessment? The purpose of these assessments is to determine if the worker has a mental health condition or behavioral issue that limits their ability to return to full work status. Perhaps you have a mental health condition that completely incapacitated you and you cannot return to work in any fashion. Perhaps you have a mental health condition that only partially impairs your ability to return to work. Perhaps you can work 20 hours a week instead of 40 hours a week because of your mental health condition. Or perhaps you can return to work full time, but you need to be in a less stressful job position because of your mental health conditions. As I go through our assessment, I will gather the clinical data needed to answer those questions and to help us prepare you and your employer to make a determination as to whether or not it is time to return to work.

What is the process of these assessments? There are three major areas of focus during these assessments. The first is a detailed biopsychosocial clinical interview. This interview is conducted one-on-one with you and me. The second major area is psychological testing. The purpose of psychological testing is to obtain detailed objective clinical data to help confirm the presence of any significant mental health conditions, symptoms, and the severity of the symptoms. The third major area is a review of medical records, employment records, and any other relevant documentation. After I complete your clinical interview, psychological testing, and review any supporting documentation, I will write a detailed clinical report. Most of the time when doing these assessments, the report is sent directly to your employer. After the report is sent to your employer, the employer and you get together and make the decision. I am not generally involved in those final discussions and determination of when to return to work. Ultimately, that decision is made by the employer based on input from me and the employee.

How do you prepare for your valuation? There are a couple of things to do to prepare for your assessment. First, the night before your appointment, please get plenty of rest. Do not skip breakfast on the day of your assessment. Your appointment may take several hours to complete. The more rested and well fed you are, the less stressful this process will be. Second, collect and bring to your appointment any relevant documentation including medical records and/or mental health records that you want Dr. Lombard to consider. Third, consult with your employer to see if they would like you to bring anything specific to your appointment.

At our offices, I do the best I can to treat everybody with respect and dignity. I understand that suffering from mental health conditions, experiencing traumatic life events, and missing work creates a very stressful time in your life. Therefore, I do our best to make these assessments as stress-free as possible. I look forward to seeing you.

Questions? Are You Ready to Schedule Your Fitness for Duty / Return to Work Assessment?

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Lombard, please call our office at (260) 459-2900 or email us at [email protected]. When you call our office, we will need to know what attorney you are working with and your time frame for completing this review. Dr. Lombard looks forward to working with you.

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