Meet Dr. David

Dr. David Lombard is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in forensic psychology. As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Lombard is an expert in situations where the legal system and mental health issues are intertwined. Dr. Lombard has served as an expert in state, federal and military courts. For more than the past 20 years, Dr. Lombard has conducted forensic evaluations for government agencies, foreign governments, large and small corporations, non-profit agencies, local school systems, churches, private attorneys, and other agencies. Dr. Lombard’s forensic expert opinion is often sought to assist the court by reviewing the work of other mental health providers to determine if standards of care have been met. Dr. Lombard offers forensic mental health services to all clients, no matter their age.

Dr. Lombard knows that we all become worried, stressed, and sometimes overwhelmed when mental health issues/assessments and the legal system collide. To meet attorney needs and to calm their concerns, Dr. Lombard serves as a mental health expert who has a vast knowledge of the court’s expectations of expert witnesses, admissibility of expert opinions, and best practices in expert testimony. To calm client’s worries and fears, Dr. Lombard conducts his assessments in a compassionate, thorough manner, but also in the legally required manner so that his testimony will have the best impact on the court.

Rarely is anyone truly excited by the prospect of having to be in court making your case before a Judge. Often the other side has experts of their own prepared to testify against your interests. Having a well-qualified forensic mental health expert involved in your case may make all the difference. Dr. Lombard knows that traveling this path with the wrong forensic expert can be devastating. Hiring the best experienced forensic psychologist that you can find is often the best choice to lead you down the path to success.

Dr. Lombard has served as the clinical director of the Violent and Sexual Offender Re-Entry Program in Allen County. Dr. Lombard served as the forensic outcome evaluator of the Allen County Sexual Offender Grant. He has consulted to military court martial courts, consulted for the USAF Surgeon General’s Office, and conducted research for the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health. David has published numerous research articles, book chapters and presented at professional seminars on various topics including forensic mental health.

David is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified forensic psychologist. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1993 and completed his residency at Malcolm Grow Medical Center in 1994. David completed a post-doctoral training program at Wilford Hall Medical Center in 1996.

Outside of his love for forensic mental health, Dr. Lombard also has a passion for health and wellness. Dr. Lombard is also a certified health coach with advanced residency training in behavioral medicine and weight management. Dr. Lombard assists dozens of clients each year gain control over their weight and health. Dr. Lombard enjoys working with various veteran’s organizations in his community. Dr. (Lt Col) Lombard served in the active duty Air Force and Indiana Air National Guard for 22 years and is a retired USAF Lt Col. When he is not working, David loves spending time with his eight children, three grandchildren and cat (Ginger). You can usually find Ginger sitting on David’s desk or his lap when he is writing reports for his clients.

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