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Dr. Lombard posts about current issues in mental health

and spiritual health


The Christian shrink podcast is a weekly show about Biblical and secular mental health interventions. Dr. Lombard interviews clinical experts, writers, and everyday people who have experienced the healing power Christian counseling 


Through the Center for Applied Behavioral Studies I have had the pleasure of working with children, parents, foster parents, and case managers through referrals from the Department of Child Services for the past 20 years. I complete parenting assessments, child assessments, psychological testing, bonding assessments, trauma assessments, and hearsay assessments to assist the families, the DCS, and the court.


At the outset, my hope is always that my involvement will assist somehow in the children and parents in reunification and on their path as a happy family. I know that is not always the outcome.


I realize having an active DCS case can be a very stressful time for everyone involved. It is always my goal to treat every parent, child, and foster parent with the upmost compassion and respect during this very challenging time.


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