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Mental Health & Spiritual Health

They Go Hand In Hand

Do you feel that mental health providers ignore your spiritual health when treating your depression, anxiety, marital problems, PTSD, or other mental health issues? Is Christianity a significant part of who you are and do you feel unable to bring that up during counseling sessions? Do you feel like your mental health provider views your reliance on Christianity as unhelpful or possibly even a hindrance to successful treatment of your mental health issues? Do you avoid bringing up your Christian beliefs during healthcare assessments because of fear that the provider may look negatively on you? Most Americans will answer yes to these questions.

As a clinical psychologist, I know that our spiritual beliefs can have a great positive impact on our mental health. How can anyone truly be happy or successful if they are spiritually empty? My goal in treatment with my clients is to use all the tools available to help them be happier and more successful. Those tools include your Christian beliefs and the Bible, as well as empirically validated mental health treatments: such as cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, communication skills training, marital therapy, and other proven mental health treatments. 


Whether you are coming to my office for a one-time appointment to complete an assessment or if you are coming for ongoing counseling services, I will endeavor to treat you with all of the compassion and professional skills that God expects of me.


God bless you. I look forward to meeting you.  

David Lombard, PhD

Areas of Expertise

Depression, Anxiety, Marital/Relationship Problems, Unexpected Life Transitions, PTSD, Victims of Abuse/Assault, Victims of Narcissist Relationships, & Victims of Cyber-Bullying, 
International Adoption Evaluations, Child Custody Evaluations, Parenting Skills Assessments, Pre-Trial Assessments, Educational Assessments, Disability Assessments, & Violence Risk and Sexual Offense Risk Assessments
Online Counseling Services, Online Psychological Assessments, Online Coaching and Training

Hello Again! Dr. David here. I am Licensed clinical psychologist. That means I went to college for 9 years, earn a PhD in clinical psychology, and then completed an internship prior to getting my license. For the first six years of my career, I was a practicing psychologist with United States Air Force. Then, I moved to Fort Wayne Indiana and opened my own practice focused in the area of forensic mental health and mental health counseling. Forensic mental health is the place where the legal system and the mental health system interface. For over 20 years, I have performed a wide variety of mental health assessments to assist individuals while they were dealing with the court system. The assessments have ranged from competency to stand trial evaluations to child custody evaluations to international adoption assessments. 

Also for over 20 years, I have worked very closely with individuals, couples, and families by offering mental health counseling for depression, anxiety, and a wide variety of mental health problems. I work with adults, adolescence, and children.

My goal, my passion, my calling is to pay respect to, understand, and integrate your spiritual health into the work I do with you. I can only truly understand you if I understand your beliefs? I can only help improve your mental health if I take into consideration your spiritual beliefs and spiritual health. As a Christian and as a psychologist, I know that there is no real mental health without spiritual health.   ​



Dr. Lombard posts about current issues in mental health

and spiritual health


The Christian shrink podcast is a weekly show about Biblical and secular mental health interventions. Dr. Lombard interviews clinical experts, writers, and everyday people who have experienced the healing power Christian counseling 


Through the Center for Applied Behavioral Studies I have had the pleasure of working with children, parents, foster parents, and case managers through referrals from the Department of Child Services for the past 20 years. I complete parenting assessments, child assessments, psychological testing, bonding assessments, trauma assessments, and hearsay assessments to assist the families, the DCS, and the court.


At the outset, my hope is always that my involvement will assist somehow in the children and parents in reunification and on their path as a happy family. I know that is not always the outcome.


I realize having an active DCS case can be a very stressful time for everyone involved. It is always my goal to treat every parent, child, and foster parent with the upmost compassion and respect during this very challenging time.


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If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me by phone or by sending me a message with the form below. 

Peace and Blessings,


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Tel: 260-459-2900

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